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New Machines

Introducing the AMT 200 CNC Centreless Grinding Machine

Key Features

Rigid, stable and naturally seasoned meehanite cast machine bed.
Hardened main slides fitted with precision, low friction linear bearings
Precision ground ball screw drives used for each axis.
Grinding wheel head fitted with precision hydrodynamic bearings.
Regulating wheel head fitted with precision roller bearings and VFD (variable frequency drive) or direct servo drive.
Air cooler for hydraulic oil.
Highly accurate CNC dressing profile slides fitted with precision linear bearings.
Easy set up with swift wheel change over.
Eco friendly, easy to operate and ergonomically designed to meet modern industrial standards of productivity, quality and precision.

Available from single axis through to six axes.

X – Axis for lower slide of regulating wheel head (infeed cycle)
A – Axis for upper slide of regulating wheel head (job centre remains the same after regulating wheel dressing)
Y – Axis for diamond dressing across the grinding wheel width
Z – Axis for diamond advance of grinding wheel
B – Axis for diamond dressing across the regulating wheel width
C – Axis for diamond advance of regulating wheel


Rettificatrici Ghiringhelli spa

Based in Luino, Italy their machines are built to proven standards of excellence and offer high quality, precision and reliability to qualify ideally for many different production applications used in many industrial sectors that include automotive, aerospace, precision bearings, electrical motors, tooling, textile and automation systems. Rettificatrici Ghiringhelli spa has evolved steadily for over 70 years and its global success has been achieved through a progressive approach and the knowledge and experience of a dedicated team of highly qualified personnel.

APG-S Centreless Grinding Machine

Suitable for plunge grinding components with lengths up to 250 mm
The new high accuracy centreless grinding machines types APG-S have a solid and modern design to guarantee high machine efficiency. They can be equipped with grinding wheel width 120 or 205 or 254 mm and O.D. 508 or 610 mm up to the technological requirements, and grinding wheel spindle rotating on hydrodynamic bearings and with control wheel spindle rotating on high precision pre-loaded bearings. They are also equipped with tooling for the grinding of 1 or 2 components per cycle, and fume extraction hood to be completed with exhauster and sprinkler in case of grinding with cutting oil.


APG-M Centreless Grinding Machine

The APG-M series has the same innovative performing features of the APG-S series and can plunge grind components with length up to 300 mm.

The latest Ghiringhelli centreless grinding machines series called APG-M has the same solid and modern design of the APG-S series, and can be equipped with grinding wheel width 305 mm and O.D. 610 mm. Up to the technological requirements of the end-user they are supplied with different type of accessories such as: machine tooling with wheels, blades and diamond tools, post-process gauging units, coolant filtering units, fume exhausters and balancing units for the grinding wheel.


Campbell Grinder Company

Manufacture a range of grinders for Aerospace, Power Generation, Automotive and Medical Applications.